Frank’s answer to parents’ FAQ

Families can do Hong Kong private tour and visit amusement parks in one day easily

Frank’s answer is yes for parents’ FAQ about Hong Kong travel plan Frank the tour guide writes about the FAQ of parents, can my family do Hong Kong sightseeing and amusement park in one day? Frank’s answer to this FAQ […]

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Frank relieves expats’ anxiety about June 4 memorial in Hong Kong

US Embassy in Hong Kong switched on the electronic candles on 4 June 2021 and posted the photo to social media.

Frank shows expats can still remember June 4 Incident in Hong Kong Frank the tour guide shows foreign expats that everyone can still commemorate the June Fourth Incident in Hong Kong if they obey the law and why there was […]

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Frank shows how Hong Kong private tour helps to cater for different family members’ wants

Easy Hong Kong private tour can cater for family members' different wants and needs

Frank helps families to cater for different members’ wants through Hong Kong private tour Frank the tour guide’s new post shows his Hong Kong private tour can help family clients to cater for different members’ wants during the Hong Kong […]

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